Airride systems for VW Caddy 5 2021+

Airride systems for VW Caddy 5 2021+

Airride systems for VW Caddy 5 2021+

  • ABP Suspension
  • Airlift Performance
  • Airrex
  • BNHF


ABP Suspension

Air by Plush from United Kingdom, huge bags, can go low and can raise up quite high in comparable to other systems. As well ideal for a swamper of mini-camper. Is not super comfortable, has a good grip in all circumstances.


Airlift Performance

Brand from the USA, well known in the tuning scene. Front suspension for Golf 7/8, fits VW Caddy 5 as well, can go low and has 30 stands adjustable damping, rear suspension add bags and shorter shocks. In combination with Airlift 3P (pressure system) or 3H (autoleveling by sensors), the way to get a superb system, can be from comfortable to very sportive.



As well fully adjustable, dampers are adjustable and can adjust the set easy to the height you prefer to get for comfort or a more sportive ride.



Comfortable and can go very low as set, not for sportive drivers, if you like static vans, grip… choose one of the brands above. Show, drive low and you want comfort, its a setup you can go for. very populair in the Netherlands as its a Dutch brand.


STREETEC ‘road’ air-suspension

German brand, it’s an aluminium based set with Bilstein dampers and bags from AL-KO. For daily use, comfortable and has TUV. Setup is not meant for super low show use.


If you are interested in an Airride system, feel free to contact us.