Mount other seats in VW Caddy

Mount other seats in VW Caddy

Mount other seats in your VW Caddy

This is possible, even from other brands. However, the easiest thing is of the VAG group, of which all airbags are the same in terms of resistors. Difference is mainly in the plugs of the airbags of the seats to the new seats, the cheapest and fastest works. (Or order such a plug from the Caddy chair on chassis number at the dealer and then place the new plug, in case pins are different – per type of plug that’s possible – also order the correct pins directly.)

There are also caddys, mk4 last series and with the comfort seats off factory, which have the smaller airbag plugs that just fit directly on the Golf 7 seats. In addition, those Caddys immediately have all the Touran bases without storage bins.
100% horizontal frame is Touran base, and lower diagonal frame is a typical Caddy base.

Wires that belong together in terms of colors and function. Note being able to be of order in plugs are slightly different !!

  • Black and white
  • Brown brown
  • Green yellow blue

Using adapters works the easiest, Stan can make and deliver it.


VW Caddy models

  • VW Caddy MK2 Year of construction 1995-2003 have no seat airbags from the factory. (Seat Inca)
  • VW Caddy 2K0 Year of construction 2004-2010 MK3 have no seat airbags off factory.
  • VW Caddy 2K0 year 2010-2015 MK3 Facelift or the MK3 GP have no seat airbags from the factory.
  • VW CADDY 2K5 Year of construction 2015-2020 MK4 have mandatory seat Airbags from the factory.
  • VW CADDY 2K7 Year of construction 2020- MK5 have required seat Airbags from the factory.

Seat Frames

  • VW Caddy 5 models do not need any other frames under the seats. Note the belt locks, which are already different in the MK5 versions themselves, first check that those of the new seats fit immediately to prevent a surprise after installation, otherwise you can remove the seats again if you are not in the car properly You can change the belt locks.
  • VW Caddy 2004-2020 is the best Touran 1T bases if you want to place seats with wider bases. The seats with the wider bases fit immediately, is plug and play.
  • Airbag plugs may differ from seats within the VAG Group. Can order the plug of the old seats on soldering, or order new plugs on chassis number to mount the new seats you want to place.
  • You don’t have to transfer airbags from the Caddy seats to other seats of the Volkswagen Group, all airbags are slightly different from shape in the different designed seats, but they all have the same resistance, the igniter can differ depending on the contents of the Airbag bag.

Caddy MK2

Fitting from that generation of seats from the VW Polo, Seat Ibiza, can also place seats of that generation from other VAG models and with a modification by means of steel strips you can move the holes for assembly. For your other seats, always first place the belt locks or click your belts in it, otherwise the belt locks from E Caddy seats first transfer before you mount the seats in the Caddy.


Caddy bases (H-Frames) 2K0 and 2K5 version

All seats immediately fit with the narrower bases from the VW Polo, Audi A1, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia. The larger models of Golf, among others, that are the most popular to mount in Caddys afterwards have slightly wider bases. Place those seats if you want to do it correctly and safely on Touran bases. First test before the seats are mounted whether the belts can be clicked in your belt locks, otherwise transfer those from the Caddy seats before you mount the other seats in your Caddy.


Touran 1T0 bases (H-frames)

These bases are new in the webshop. The storage compartments are unfortunately no longer available are no longer produced by VW. However, you can also find them used from the Caddy without storage compartments and from the Touran 1T models with storage compartments. The majority of VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models and also from other brands of the VW Group fits this. Touran bases are slightly higher, 100% horizontal and Caddy bases run diagonal and are lower.


Recaro seats in VW Caddy

Recaro is one of the best known brands that supplies sports seats that are supplied as standard in sporty models also within the Volkswagen Group. Recaro supplies bases for the models that they supply that can be mounted on Touran 1T frames. New Recaro seats can be delivered by Caddy World.


Chairs from other brands in VW Caddy

You may find a set of beautiful seats from another brand to sit super nice and nice, with some creativity it is often possible to mount other seats in a Caddy, the height of the H-frames makes it possible to get that way t plates and Something else to create seats on the floor of the Caddy. Pay attention if your Caddy Chair Airbags has that that is an MOT requirement that they present