Place another steering wheel in a VW Caddy 2K 2004-2020

Place another steering wheel in a VW Caddy 2K 2004-2020

You would like to place another steering wheel. From a standard steering wheel to a multifunctional steering wheel, there a plenty of options possible.

Watch out for aftermarket steering wheels, be 100% sure that the new one is OEM VW otherwise it can break too fast and be unsafe! There are many copies from China on the market, do not put your life in risk just for a better looking aftermarket steering wheel be aware of that!


Standard plastic steering wheel to a leather version

As long as there are no knobs involved steering wheels are exchangeable and airbags as well from VW.


From a standard to a multifunctional steering wheel 

Slipring can be different, the airbag loom must be changed, depends on the knobs if they can function on the PQ platform, most MQB knobs won’t work just with coding and will need more effort to get these working. Golf 5 and Golf 6 can work directly. Scirocco as well. Polo might be possible as long as the Polo steering wheel has not a knob for Adaptive Cruise Control!!! Golf 7 and 7.5 multifunctional steering wheels, only simple versions can work directly. The knobs with Adaptive Cruise Control won’t work with just coding. Cheapest way is to swap the knobs for PQ platform Knobs. Golf 8 steeringwheels need an emulator and coding to get these working same as for other MQB platform steering wheels to get these working in a caddy 3, 3 facelift or mk4.


From a multifunctional steering wheel from Caddy to another multifunctional steering wheel 

Depends on which version knobs the steering wheel has. If its PQ platform they will work mostly directly. If the caddy has Adaptive Cruise Control from factory it’s a bit more work to get another steering wheel working. If the knobs are from a MQB, you can swap the knobs for PQ platform knobs or spend more money to get an emulator and get it working with more coding involved, what means pay more money in the end. Choices you as owner of the caddy have to make yourself.