Airintakes for VW Caddy 2K facelift 2010-2015

Airintakes for VW Caddy 2K facelift 2010-2015

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Airintakes for VW Caddy 2K

  • Airintake set for left and right side
  • Suitable for VW Caddy 2K year of construction 07 / 2010-06 / 2015
  • For a sporty look, known from racing
  • Channels and optimizes the air supply, e.g. to the oil cooler, water cooler, brake air duct and to the engine’s intake system (depending on the vehicle type)
  • With vehicle-specific TÜV parts certificate. Good fit, as no universal part but specially developed for this type of vehicle!
  • Uniform surface structure enables painting without much preparatory work (product is unpainted, surface is black)
  • Airintakes are made of the innovative and high-quality material Fiberflex. The advantages of this new type of composite material: extremely high flexibility combined with great stability, splinter resistance and non-flammability. A very high manufacturing quality and the low weight even allow it to be used in professional racing. The characteristic black surface is characterized by good processing options and guarantees professional results. Fiberflex products are ideally suited for repair and other renovation work thanks to their excellent cutting and adhesive properties.
  • Including mounting accessories, if necessary
  • Including assembly instructions
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