Rubber floor mats VW Caddy 5 V Cargo / Life

Rubber floor mats VW Caddy 5 V Cargo / Life

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  • Ready to fit for Volkswagen Caddy V Cargo/Life 2020-
  • Produced from high quality rubber
  • 2 parts + mounting system

Car mats suitable for Volkswagen Caddy V Cargo/Life 2020-

These rubber car mats are specially tailored for your car type and will therefore fit exactly. They also have the original mounting points which ensure that the rubber mat stays firmly in place, increasing safety. There is an anti-slip layer underneath so that the mat will not slide away.

Car mats are an important barrier between the car’s carpet and the dirt and moisture that comes off your shoes. They are specially designed to protect the carpet and your car floor from dirt, wear and salt. These car mats also have a raised edge, which keeps dirt and moisture inside the mat. This keeps the car floor clean and dry.

Because these mats are made of rubber, they are easy to clean; you can take them out of the car and knock them out, or wipe them with a damp cloth.

Product advantages:

  • Tailored
  • Ideal protection of the car interior
  • Made of high quality rubber
  • Easy to clean
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