Maxton Design Side skirts diffusers Volkswagen Caddy mk4 textured black

Maxton Design Side skirts diffusers Volkswagen Caddy mk4 textured black

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Side skirts diffusers Volkswagen Caddy mk4

Suitable for: Volkswagen Caddy Mk. 4 2015 – 2020

Set contains:

  • mark Side skirts (Right + Left)
  • mark Mounting kit

Product information:

  • The product is made of ABS
  • The set consists of two elements: right and left
  • The door sills are available in 3 types of structure: texture, gloss, carbon imitation.
  • The gloss structure and carbon imitation are secured with a protective film
  • They have UV protection
  • Does not require painting
    (In case you decide to paint an element, a primer must be applied before painting.)
  • The set has stickers confirming the quality of the product
  • The production of side sills is a complex process. The final stage of production is manual processing of products and their finishing. It proves the care and accuracy of our elements. In addition, the quality control of manufactured products, which takes place just before their shipment, largely eliminates defective products.

The material from which our products are made – ABS was created with the automotive industry in mind. It is used in the production of factory bumpers and other car body parts, and these products are characterized by high strength and flexibility. The proof of the quality of the manufactured products is the TUV certificate, confirming the material from which they are made, and the TUV TAILEGUTACHTEN / ABE for selected products.