Used products

Used products

Used products are priced as margin, because new VAT has already been paid on these items. These products are not guaranteed in any way, they are sold in the condition in which they are.

Used rims, are at all times refurbishment sets, have them aligned yourself and possibly remade.

Used steering wheels, clean and treat them before using the steering wheels, especially when it comes to leather!

Used sets of chairs, clean them before you use the chairs, especially in the case of leather, this way you prevent hairline cracks in the leather and the material remains neat and smooth.

Used parts in general, come and see the product yourself and decide on site whether you want to purchase the part.

Do you want to purchase a used or used products? Think carefully before you make your purchase, we also sell limited used parts in addition to new ones, please think carefully whether you want to buy the part because we do not give money back and used parts cannot be returned.


PS Used parts are often sold on consignment, in that case we only mediate the sale, we do not earn anything and can never derive any rights from it.