Difference between GOLF 7 or 7.5 GTI Fog lights

Very populair is the custom hybrid GTI front bumper. If you want to install fog lights based on a golf 7 GTI or facelift GTI, don’t make the mistake to buy the wrong units as there is an important difference. Not handy for MOT… if you install the wrong ones.

The only difference is the adjustable point for acces via the front bumper… if you have a facelift GTI bumper do not buy the version for the MK7 if you want to be able to adjust them via the front. And if you have the mk7 GTI front bumper do not buy the version for the 7.5 as you won’t be able to adjust the light via the front!

VW Golf 7 GTI 2012-2017: adjustable point just under the led unit!

VW Golf 7.5 2017+: adjustable point with more distance from the led unit!