VW Caddy MK4 LC9X Custom hybrid GTI / GTD and R bumpers

We have provided this Caddy with custom bumpers and side skirts. The owner wanted a sportier look, in Belgium you are officially not allowed to lower a VW Caddy van, nevertheless you still get a beautiful result.

Front bumper
The front bumper is made to order, a VW Caddy highline front bumper forms the basis together with a VW Golf GTI/GTD Golf 7 facelift front bumper which is suitable for the Caddy MK4.

Rear bumper
Of course, the VW Caddy bumper behind the base forms again, in combination with a VW Golf 7 facelift R rear bumper, it forms a sportier lower rear bumper.

Side skirts
To finish it off, ABS plastic side skirts have been used on the sides. The side skirts for the VW Caddy form a whole with the front bumper towards the rear bumper, optically the Caddy seems lower.

We make the bumpers from new parts to obtain a nice tight end result, this kind of bumper takes a lot of time, don’t expect low prices like for aftermarket bumpers that come from a mold and are made to measure.

Do you want to get rid of the standard appearance and make your caddy more unique? Please contact us and let us know what your wishes are.

Mail us at info@rkdesigns.nl or call 06-26724311