VW Caddy Life smaller mirrors

VW Caddy Life smaller mirrors

To mount other side mirrors on your VW Caddy

Do you own an MK3, the MK3 facelift or an MK4 VW Caddy, from factory most Caddy’s are delivered with a-symmetric bigger side mirrors. The Mark 4 Volkswagen Caddy Life got from factory standard the smaller symmetric side mirrors. Yes if you would like to mount a set on your Caddy with the a-symmetric side mirrors that’s possible. They will fit and the antennas you can use from the old mirrors.

2019 and 2020 MK4 vans can have these smaller mirrors as well as a standard option from factory.

These smaller side mirrors are available in the webshop, non-folding and folding versions are both available. bear in mind that the folding version needs other window motors with modules and a knob inside in the doorcard, will need coding as well to get it fully working.


VW Touran side mirrors

From the Touran 1T you see as well VW Caddy’s with. These are created to fit the Caddy, standard Touran side mirrors won’t fit directly, they have to get modified. The modifications will be more expensive in comparable to place the smaller side mirrors


VW Polo side mirrors

As well known as mod for VW Caddy, can see these as well on Caddy’s however less as the Touran mod.