About Caddy World

About Caddy World

Caddy World, created from a passion for the Volkswagen Caddy!

Do you have a VW Caddy or do you want to purchase one and make it to your liking or have it made, you can contact Caddy World for this. You can visit our online Caddy store or visit our location in Best. Are you looking for something and can’t find it? Just ask and maybe we can deliver it to you. In addition to the range that we offer in the webshop, we can also provide customization for the Volkswagen Caddy’s, inquire about the options such as custom bumpers for the exterior, but we can also provide customization for the interior.

The VW Caddy shop with the largest range of products in Europe!



In the webshop there are a lot of products per type with which you can style your VW Caddy to personal taste. In addition, we can also be of service with regard to advice and the realization of your wishes. View the styling range in the webshop.


Window tinting

The tinting of the windows of the VW Caddy, this has been a well-known phenomenon for years, which in addition to making it more beautiful is also functional. It has a polarizing effect, calmer for your eyes and therefore safer driving. In addition, it filters 99% UV light, so that the dashboard heats up less, your air conditioning has to work less hard and thus saves fuel, in addition to preventing discoloration of your interior. In the event of a collision, broken glass sticks to the foil, which means that there is much less risk of glass damage in an accident. For the rear, the darkest shade is often used to prevent privacy, but that as a driver you can still look out through the rear-view mirror.


Tinting of VW Caddy rear lights, headlights, reflectors, fog lights and third brake light

The shades of headlights, taillights, reflectors and third brake light; it is officially not allowed, but it is beautiful that this happens a lot. At Caddy World we can take care of this for you for your Caddy.


Wrapping a VW Caddy

Wrapping an overall VW Caddy, it is possible, but also parts of it such as wrapping a black roof, the mirror caps, B-pillars or other parts. At Caddy World you can contact us for wrapping VW Caddy parts or the entire caddy. In addition to wrapping, this is also the technique for tinting headlights, rear lights, reflectors and third brake light. Do you want more information? At Caddy World we can arrange this for you for your Caddy, request a quote without obligation via info@rkdesigns.nl.



VW Caddies are great to use as commercial vehicles, lettering with logos and information has been most common with VW Caddy’s for many years. But of course there is much more possible to get a caddy from the masses and there are even several caddies in Show condition! And of course everything in between, from standard to show caddies. If you would like to have your VW Caddy provided with lettering, please contact us.



Our own VW Caddy from Caddy World is provided with striping, on the hood and on both sides. This makes the Caddy stand out more and through a wide choice of colors and effects you can also make your Caddy striking by applying striping to the caddy. Do you have your own idea? Let us know we may be able to do that for you on your own Caddy.



Custom bumpers, side skirts, you name it what you can adjust to your liking for the VW Caddy. If you have custom wishes for the exterior, practice the interior, please feel free to contact us.


Is there something not on the site? If you have any questions or comments, please let us know via info@rkdesigns.nl

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