Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy


If a product falls in backorder and later on it won’t be deliverable for any reason, the full amount of that item will be refunded and send back to your account. If you pay and choose a payment option it goes via payment provider The refund will be automatically processed after the payback button is used by us. New orders which are coming in will be on hold and when the amount is reached of new incoming orders your amount will be transferred back to your account. If you want an instant payback by hand is possible as well, we will charge €50,00 excl. VAT as administration costs.

When you have placed an order and haven’t read to “contact us first” for shipping, above is the same method, however it will cost at our side money to receive and transfer money back. We will charge you directly €50,00 as is readable in the terms and conditions.



We do not have stock at Everything is ordered for you and then delivered to you. Returns/cancellations are sometimes possible, however, this must be reported to the supplier within 14 days of ordering. The boxes may not be opened and products must therefore not be removed from the packaging. If this is the case, a return will not be accepted. If you do return something without written consultation, it will not be processed further.

Note: if it arrives damaged, DO NOT accept the package! Report this immediately to the carrier.

Opened boxes/packaging can NOT be returned, unless the product has been delivered incorrectly.

Have you ordered something but you still want something different? Think about this before you ordered and not if you have ordered and you want to do this afterwards, because this always costs money and custom products ordered for you can never be returned, such as side skirts, spoilers, etc. With original parts it means that it may NOT be opened must not be damaged in packaging, it must be in the same condition as VW delivered it. Returning is at your own expense, in addition, they charge return costs, administration costs plus a X percentage of the gross price. So you will never get your full paid amount back! Therefore, think carefully about what you order in advance!