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VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life 2021+ styling

Are you a proud owner of a Volkswagen Caddy 5 Cargo or Life? Looking for styling products? Take a look at the website and in our webshop which products are available to personalize your VW Caddy Cargo or Life model, even for the Maxi model we have a range of styling products.

VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life – Side Styling

VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life – Front Styling

VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life – Rear Styling

VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life – Roof Styling

VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life – Interior Styling

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VW Caddy MK4 LC9X Custom hybrid GTI / GTD and R bumpers

We have provided this Caddy with custom bumpers and side skirts. The owner wanted a sportier look, in Belgium you are officially not allowed to lower a VW Caddy van, nevertheless you still get a beautiful result.

Front bumper
The front bumper is made to order, a VW Caddy highline front bumper forms the basis together with a VW Golf GTI/GTD Golf 7 facelift front bumper which is suitable for the Caddy MK4.

Rear bumper
Of course, the VW Caddy bumper behind the base forms again, in combination with a VW Golf 7 facelift R rear bumper, it forms a sportier lower rear bumper.

Side skirts
To finish it off, ABS plastic side skirts have been used on the sides. The side skirts for the VW Caddy form a whole with the front bumper towards the rear bumper, optically the Caddy seems lower.

We make the bumpers from new parts to obtain a nice tight end result, this kind of bumper takes a lot of time, don’t expect low prices like for aftermarket bumpers that come from a mold and are made to measure.

Do you want to get rid of the standard appearance and make your caddy more unique? Please contact us and let us know what your wishes are.

Mail us at or call 06-26724311


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Nieuwe Caddy Cargo

Bij Den Engelsen Bedrijfswagens kunt u de nieuwe Caddy Cargo’s bestellen!

De voorraad auto’s die direct beschikbaar zijn kunt u naar informeren. Uiteraard kunt u er ook een geheel naar wens zelf samenstellen met een van de verkopers.

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CUP frontspoiler VW Caddy MK4 gloss black

This customer wanted a more subtle front spoiler. The version with double rim that the garage had supplied, he unfortunately got out of it in no time.

You can find this product in the webshop. You mount this slightly backwards against the bumper so that at higher speed there is no pressure on it as was the case with the previous spoiler and it cannot really stand a curb.

This spoiler also protrudes much less and is more flexible.

Ideal under a considerably lowered caddy, but this spoiler also looks nice at normal height.

Go to this article in the webshop

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Gloss black rearbumper protectors for VW Caddy 2004-2020

New, high gloss black on stainless steel base bumper protectors, deep black even when the sun is shining on it! No brown effect on these bumper protectors as with other versions that are called black but they simply are not! Black stainless steel is unfortunately not so deep black and shows a brown effect in the sun. These are available for VW Caddy mk4 2015-2020, but can also be mounted on the 2003-2015 models. Also available for the MK5 on request.

Color equal to the gloss black sprayed spoiler, mirrors, etc. etc.

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VARIO X frontspoiler for VW Caddy MK3 Facelift GP and MK3

RDX Front Spoiler VARIO-X for VW Caddy 2K 2003-2010 + 2010 -2015 and 2015-2020 Front Lip Splitter for the 3 models available!

> Innovative 3-part front spoiler
> Original equipment material: polyurethane plastic (PUR)
> Quality product, Made in Germany
> Simple screw mounting without glueing
> Screw connection only from below in the non-visible area, enabling disassembly (e.g. in winter) at any time and within minutes

Delivery content:
> Front Spoiler VARIO-X
> TUV Approval ABE
> Mounting Kit
> Mounting Instructions

VARIO-X article and quality characteristics:
The VARIO-X is an innovative quality product from RDX, Made in Germany! This beautifully designed front spoiler is made of high-quality polyurethane plastic. This material is also used for the original equipment and is extremely break-proof. The VARIO-X comes supplied unpainted in black and has a cleanly finished paint-friendly surface.
The VARIO-X is made up of a middle section and two side parts, making it 3 parts. Delivered as one part and therefore ready for mounting. The 3-part production allows, among other things, individual paintwork to be done very easily. The VARIO-X can be screwed apart in a few seconds. The sides of the VARIO-X can, for example, be painted in the vehicle colour and the center part in contrasting colour.
The mounting of the VARIO-X front spoiler is extremely simple and can be done yourself at any time, even without any expertise prior. The VARIO-X front spoiler is simply screwed onto the existing bumper from underneath, using the supplied mounting kit. Accordingly, it can also be dismantled as required, for example in winter, since the screw connection is made only from below, i.e. in the non-visible area.
The design of the bumper itself remains unchanged. The VARIO-X additionally, gives the bumper or the entire vehicle a sporty, dynamic and the look of a lower profile.
The height of the VARIO-X front spoiler is 4 cm. During installation, spacer sleeves can be inserted between the VARIO-X and the bumper to adjust the depth. Various spacers are included.

Go to the menu, choose your model and under styling you find the Vario X front spoiler as well between all items.

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