Production and delivery

Production and delivery

When ordering, keep in mind that items can take at least 2 weeks before they can be send out and get delivered, if items from your order have to be produced it can take even longer up to 3-4 months. If you do not have the time or patience, please order somewhere else!

Accessories for Caddy are produced to order and only delivered after a minimum of 2-16 weeks, you can no longer cancel these kinds of orders!

Maxton Design, at least one month, but when it is busy some products can take up to 12 weeks or in extreme cases even longer before they are sent. If it have to come to NL first do not look strange if items can take longer than 3-4 months to deliver to other countries.

Brands such as ST and KW, if available from stock, it is quickly available to the customer, but in most cases production is required from these brands, take into account 3-10 weeks and it will be shipped ex works.

With original parts it is usually about 10 working days, sometimes even longer if it is not immediately in stock. If a product is on back order with VW, delivery can take longer, sometimes weeks to months. If a product is no longer produced and therefore no longer available, we will of course let the customer know.

Customized products that are not available through suppliers, such as custom front and rear bumpers, grilles or anything that can be made by Caddy World itself, take into account at least 8 weeks. If it goes faster, it will be realized faster.

If it is available faster, it will of course be delivered faster!