Production and delivery

Production and delivery

Production time; “each order is custom made”, even if it is indicated on the website that it is “in stock”, items may still need to be produced. Stock is off, but via Google, products show stock while items even have to be produced.

But note: If the product is in stock in the case of running products, it will be processed immediately after receipt of payment and shipped within 48 hours.

An order must be ordered and produced, for example front spoilers are normal for at least a week to 2 weeks, for example side skirts minimum 3-4 weeks applies, can cost even months, depends on which producer.

Accessories for the caddy have been made on order in a minimum of 2-10 weeks, these kind of orders can not be canceled.

Maxton Design, minimum one month, however during busy times some products can take up to 8 weeks or more before they are shipped.

Brands such as ST and KW, if available from stock, it is quickly available to the customer, however, production from these brands is required, take into account 3-10 weeks and it will be shipped ex works.

With original parts it is usually 3-10 working days if it is not immediately in stock, if a product is in backorder at VW, delivery can take longer, sometimes weeks or months. If a product is no longer produced and therefore no longer available, we will of course let the customer know.

If it is available faster, it will of course be delivered faster! Available from stock for immediate collection or shipped within 48 hours.

Within the Netherlands, if it can be delivered directly from stock, you may even receive your order the next working day!

Customized products that are not available through suppliers, such as custom front and rear bumpers, grilles or anything that can be made, take into account at least 8 weeks. If it goes faster, it will be realized faster.

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