Maxton Design Spoiler Cap Volkswagen Caddy MK4 gloss black

Maxton Design Spoiler Cap Volkswagen Caddy MK4 gloss black

 119,00 excl. VAT


Spoiler Extension Volkswagen Caddy MK4
Ended on: Volkswagen Caddy MK4 2015-2020

Why is it worth buying a spoiler lip extension for VW Caddy MK4?

  • improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics
  • has UV protection
  • it is resistant to moisture
  • is certified by TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN

The spoiler extension for VW Caddy MK4 determines the sporty character of the vehicle. The extra spoiler is provided with double-sided tape, which ensures an accurate installation. Thanks to its shape, the air flowing over the body will create extra downforce when that airflow reaches the extra spoiler. The air flow will press harder on the rear axle, which improves the grip of the vehicle. The spoiler is available in different finishes – textured, carbon and glossy black.

High quality ABS plastic was used to make the spoiler extension for VW Caddy MK4. The material is represented by high strength, resistance to damage and adverse weather conditions and flexibility. The material is very good in manufacturing processes, including tuning, as well as bumpers from other basic equipment parts. The Maxton Design range spoiler extension has UV protection and is TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified. The spoiler does need to be sprayed before it is installed, of course this is possible if you want to use a different one.