Wind Deflectors VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life 2021+ Climair Dark

Wind Deflectors VW Caddy 5 Cargo / Life 2021+ Climair Dark

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  • Fitment for Volkswagen Caddy V Box/MPV 2020-
  • Color: Dark
  • Fabricated out of acrylglass

Side wind deflectors suitable for Volkswagen Caddy V Cargo/Life 2020- Front doors

Rain and wind screens provide optimized ventilation of the vehicle’s interior and contribute to your driving comfort. The high-quality cast acrylic glass ensures a non-porous surface, optimal aerodynamics and of course a sporty look.

The side wind deflectors prevent rain or snow from entering through the window any longer. This ensures that you can drive with partially open windows without being bothered by the bad weather. In addition, the side wind deflectors reduce wind noise when you drive with the windows open. This is also an ideal solution for smokers!

The side wind deflectors have a unique fit and are tailor-made, especially for your type of car, so that they fit precisely and perfectly.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • If the window is slightly open, the rain and snow are stopped.
  • Prevents heat build-up, because the window can simply remain open during the hot summer days.
  • Lowers the interior temperature in the passenger compartment.
  • Optimized fresh air supply.
  • More safety and driving comfort.
  • Reduces wind noise when windows are open.
  • Material: High quality cast acrylic glass.

The side wind screens are easy to install due to the optimal fit that fits exactly in the original window rebates, so that the side wind screens remain firmly in place. The set includes a user manual.