VW Caddy MK4 GTI hybrid bumper

The Volkswagen Caddy MK4, nice base for a Golf 7.5 GTI bumper. The Candy white caddy combined with piano gloss black forms a nice contrast. The hybrid GTI bumper combined with side skirts and a hybrid rear bumper form the base of this caddy how it changed. The interior is GTI as well, even the luxery armrest from a caddy life/touran has the GTI design.

  • Hybrid Golf 7.5 GTI/GTD front bumper, candy white with gloss black
  • Hybrid Golf 7.5 Highline rearbumper, candy white with gloss black
  • RLD sideskirts, candy white
  • Golf 7.5 GTI cup fronsplitter, gloss black
  • Bi Xenon LED headlights
  • Caddy MK4 Life small mirrors, gloss black with candy white
  • color coded side moldings
  • gloss black, tinted side indicators
  • Golf 7.5 GTI steering wheel
  • Golf 7.5 GTI seats
  • Caddy Life / Touran armrest (GTI fabric)
  • Leather handbreak
  • 20 inch Rotiform IND-T 225-30 R20
  • GTI calipers and brakes front and rear
  • Gloss black Sportline rearspoiler